The Simcoe County Cup Festival of Hockey is a grass-roots community based event that brings together the kids, parents, and business community of Simcoe County, through the magic of hockey. In Canada hockey is at the very core of our identity, and Simcoe County Cup celebrates this each year in April after official leagues has finished.  Celebrate your hockey season with one final bash on ice... Simcoe County Cup!

Our Vision
The vision of the Simcoe County Cup Festival of Hockey is to become the premier hockey-based event in Simcoe County by bringing together kids and adults from all across Simcoe County, regardless of association or caliber of play.

Our Mission

The mission of the Simcoe County Cup Festival of Hockey is to bring together the kids, parents and businesses of Simcoe County in a year-end celebration of hockey for the purpose of fostering a feeling of community across all municipalities of the County of Simcoe.

Burton Sports Management
The Simcoe County Cup Festival of Hockey is a property of Burton Sports Management of Barrie, Ontario. Burton Sports Management is a private business established to provide best-in-class sports events in Ontario, with a focus on youth development and growth.

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