Tournament Format, Rules & Regulations

Tournament Format
  1. Multi-pool round robin format
  2. Each team will play 3 games within their pool
  3. All 3 games in the pool round will be played on the same day
  4. The top two teams of each pool will move on to the Championship round
  5. Championship round is a single-elimination format
  6. Standings
    • Win = 2 Points, Tie = 1 Point, Loss = 0 Points
  7. Tie Breakers
    • All round robin game results used in tie breakers
    • In games that end in Mercy the goals for will be recorded as the goals against + 5 goals (A 9-1 win would be recorded as 6-1 for tie breaking purposes)
      - Head To Head
      - Fewest Goals Against
      - Most Goals Scored
      - Least penalty minutes
      - Flip of a coin
Rules & Regulations
  1. The 2015 Simcoe County Cup is a non-checking hockey tournament in all divisions
  2. Standard Hockey Canada & OMHA rules apply.
  3. Any player who receives a major penalty for fighting or a match penalty will no longer be able to participate in the tournament.
  4. On ice official's rulings are final and not subject to protest.
  5. Game Lengths
    • Pool Rounds (10-10-10 > No Overtime > No Shootout)
    • Championship Round (TBD)
    • 3-minute warm up starting once the zamboni doors are closed.  No players are allowed on the ice until zamboni doors are closed.
    • 1-minute break between periods
    • All games in the Pool rounds will have a curfew at 50 minutes.
  6. Mercy Rule
    • In effect for all games during the pool round.
    • Running time after 5 goal spread (3rd Period Only).
    • Returns to stop time once there is only a 4 goal differential.
    • Penalty duration does not change during running time (ie minor penalties are still 2 minutes).  Time continues to run during penalties, and players must wait in penalty box until play resumes if penalty expires during a stoppage.
  7. One 30-second time out will be permitted in all tournament games.
  8. Any player or team official ejected from a game for a major or match penalty must serve the penalty during the remainder of the tournament.  All fighting major penalties, gross misconducts and match penalties will result in an immediate suspension from the tournament.
    NOTE: The Director of Operations (Peter Burton) will review all high-sticking majors.
  9. Understanding that school-based hockey teams are generally comprised of a wide range of calibre in players (house to AAA), players at higher calibres (ie. AA and AAA) are advised to use common sense and discretion when determining the tone of their play with respect to aggression.  Referees have been advised to closely monitor aggressive play for the purpose of protecting lower calibre players from potential injury.  While we encourage all of our participants to strive for success on the ice, we ask that all players be respectful of their team mates and opponents.  Let’s keep this fun for all!!
  1. Floods between games only
  2. Teams will use the provided jerseys or the jerseys they bring. If conflict exists then visiting team will change their jerseys to wear the white jerseys provided by Simcoe County Cup.  Home / Visitors for Round Robin play has been predetermined by random draw.
  3. Team officials are to ensure dressing rooms are vacated timely, and tidy.
Disclaimer: The sponsors of this tournament, its officials, arena management and all persons concerned with the tournament will not be held liable for any loss, injury, or accident which may occur by any player, team official while participating in, coming to, or going from the tournament.

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