Having Trouble Starting Your Team?

Are you having trouble starting your team? Here is a step-by-step that will help you get your team set up online and ready to accept your player registrations:

  1. First create your 'Family Account' - add yourself as parent, then add your child. You can add as many children as you like. 
  2. Next, while logged into your account, click "Register Now" and select your division (eg. Peewee Boys - 2002/2003).
  3. Click the orange "Register" button.
  4. On the screen that says "Select Child...", instead click the orange button with your name (not your child's name).
  5. Now click the orange "Register" button again.
  6. Select register as "Coach".
  7. ...You can now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the team registration.

Your team will instantly be added to the division, and available for your players to join. 
If you have any issues getting your team or players registered, please feel free to call us for assistance:

Peter Burton
Director of Operations
(705) 717-8527

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